Understanding Prostate Cancer Surgery

Certainly not what you want to think about is prostatic cancer surgery. While using thought of all the not comfortable tests and then the surgery itself, which can take organs from your body, scares many people. You never want to think about it or picture it could happen to you. dr david samadi

The surgery itself is irreversible and over time, the influences this has on ones life will become known. Though the side effects are not life threatening of talking, but if difficulties arise from the other health problems it could be. Guys experience a sexual performance problem and occasionally and will need counseling. 

What is Prostatectomy
This type of procedure involves taking away the complete prostate gland along with near by tissue that may have cancer cellular material which may have spread to them. The two methods used are perineal and classic public.

The retro open public method requires removal of the prostate through a tiny incision right below your belly button and about an inch above the penis. The other method, perineal is done with an incision between the rectum and the ball sack. By doing this sounds more unpleasant than the retro general population method.

Before the prostatic cancer surgery, a catheter is inserted in your bladder through the suggestion of the penis. Even though the catheter is in place, all urine is cleared from the bladder during the surgery and your recovery. Usually fourteen days earlier before having the catheter removed.

Once they remove the catheter, you might experience some complications with urinary control for days, several weeks and sometimes months. Certainly not all men experience this unfortunate condition. An different would be sometimes when you lift things or cough you might notice a little incontinence.

An additional side affect that results from prostate cancer surgery, the inability to execute intimately, happen if nerves on both sides of the prostate become damaged through the surgery. If you have this problem before surgery, the influences can be more apparent after the surgery. In addition, you need to know if you do obtain an hard-on, orgasms may be difficult to achieve and in some cases, loss of bodily function control during an orgasm may effect.

Another newer method of prostate cancer surgery [http://www.prostatecancertreatmenthelp.com/Prostate_Cancer_New_Treatment/] carried out with robotics’ helps to limit the sexual effects as well as the urinary problems. This procedure is called laparoscopic surgery. This new procedure might not be an alternative with your doctor, but she or he may direct you to another doctor for this procedure.

Prior to deciding on what surgery you want to have, you need to consider all the side results and whatever way you decide, should rid your body of cancer. Tests and early prevention also helps figure out what type of prostate cancer surgery you need.

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