Transportation Infrastructure in Singapore

Singapore is perhaps best known for it’s superb vehicles systems that boast a network of three, 260 kilometers of pavement, a highly advanced and effective metro-rail system, buses, cabs and an award-wining air-port terminal. cancun airport private transfers

Private transportation

It can a fortunately the general population transportation system in Singapore is so good-the cost of private transportation is shocking. Being such a tiny country greatly helps lower the needs for a car. 


COE, or Certificate of Entitlement, is a permit required for every single private vehicle on the roads of Singapore. Although no more than some paper, the cost is based on demand and the highest price wager. As recently as January 2013, the price of a COE is at the neighborhood of SGD$96, 1000.

The cost of the COE is on top of the already high purchase price of a car, as well as insurance and petrol (gasoline).

Public transportation

Singapore authorities offers excellent services for land, air and sea transportation which may have served the country constantly and vigilantly through the years. Anticipated to frequent traffic attaque the government discourages private transportation through permit holding back on (the aforementioned COE).


The Mass Swift Transit System is one of the proud masterpieces of Singapore. A highly advanced and efficient metro-rail system, it connects metropolis with all residential areas as well as the international airport at Changi Airport.

It serves forty stations along its course.

Plans are underway for a high-speed train to hook up Singapore to the southern Malaysian state of Iskandar (in Johor Bahru), which will have significant consequences for the property market in Iskandar.

Regular and ‘ez- link’ credit cards for boarding are easily available with prices which range from $10 to $100, all activated by a returnab deposit ($0. 10).

Tour bus Travel

The SBS Flow is the major agent of an outstanding bus services in the country, specifically during the daytime. The IRIS NextBus service can chip with information on the cheapest fares, the shortest walking distance and the shortest travelling time.

A nighttime service is also offered with the Nite Owl service, traveling the island, seeking away the exciting nightlife on Fridays, Saturdays and community holidays.

Cheap fares add to the pleasurable trip of discovery ranging from SGD$4. 00 but the excursion is localized within the location area, the cost is merely SGD$1. 60

Taxi cab service

Taxis ranks are everywhere, especially at hotels and shopping centers. Many taxi companies also enable you to call for a taxi, book in progress, or even have cellular phone programs that can immediate an available taxi to your location.

Ability to stand idle or stop at certain areas is strictly limited.

For folks traveling in a group, previous bookings are necessary for fast and efficient conveyance.

Although comparatively affordable, deals include administrative fees, infrequent road taxes (depending on the route) and ‘peak’ fare surcharges.

From 7am to 9am and again from 4pm until about 7pm, it can be hard to find a taxi, although you may call for one.

Many drivers are honest and use the metre.

Marine transport

Singapore also provides a fantastic harbor which has been rated one of the world’s busiest and most sophisticated. It consists 6 terminals, a box port and deep-water wharves that all service the needs of the island’s population.

Air services

To cater for the needs of air travelers in and out of the country, Singapore Airline works a hub at Changi Airport which has 3 runways and a designed 4th.

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