To Certify Or Not To Certify – Benefits Of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification

It can no doubt that specialists in the current work environment have many selections when considering to professional accreditations. I am asked time and time again “Should I become certified? inch This really is a loaded question and requires some thought. Here are some facts and tips that will help you decide whether or not to become a certified MOS.

What is the Microsoft Workplace Specialist Certification?

The QUICKLY recognition is a desktop processing productivity recognition designed to validate an individual’s level of skills using Ms Office products. 

Who should seek the MOS recognition?

Individuals planning to gain a competitive edge in the workplace
Anyone who’s job tasks require the use of Microsoft office
Instructors who provide courses to end users in Microsoft company Office software
Virtual colleagues looking to validate their skills to prospective clients
Employees looking to move to the next level in their career
Precisely what are the benefits associated with MOS documentation?
In a study of 14, 000 Office Professionnals and 1, 200 administrators of Office Specialists from America, the United Empire, and Japan implies that employees with Office Specialist accreditations are more knowledgeable and productive. By becoming a MOS certified professional and passing the exams you validate your proficiency in using Microsoft Office applications. Many employers globally understand and respect this documentation this provides you the advantage in the selecting process and place you in a position to increase your salary potential.

What are the requirements?

The road to SIMPLY documentation commences with MASTER OF SCIENCE office training, exam preparing and testing. To achieve the Master documentation you have to complete 3 of the mandatory exams(Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and one particular of the elective examinations (Access or Outlook).

What does the research say?

85% of supervisors say Office Specialists are definitely more effective because of their Workplace Specialist certification*
89% of supervisors say Office Experts are usually more proficient users of Microsoft Office programs. 2.
86% of supervisors say Office Specialists are more credible than non-certified employees. *
71% of superiors use Office Specialist in hiring, promotion, and improvement decisions*
Hence the answer to the question “Should I actually get certified? ” would be if you wish to be seen in a sea of resumes and surpass your colleagues in the contest for a promotion or you want to rationalize a raise then you should seriously consider recognition. For anyone who is in business and you want to market potential clients on the benefits associated with hiring your company over the competition then you should not only get certified but have your employees certified as well. I sincerely hope that your decision is much easier and clearer with these fast facts.

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