The US Postal Service Shouldn’t Blame Private Enterprise for Their Demise

The us Postal Service has indeed served our nation well, “rain or shine” these were there for us almost every time of day of our lives, but some things change, after all, “change is the only constant” or someone once said. Today, the USPS is in dire straits fiscally, and it seems whatever they do they are faced with difficult; how to stop the blood loss. Okay so, let’s chat shall we? get more info

Yes, the innovation of the Net and prior to that fax machines, were probably two innovations which had taken the biggest toll. The USPS did not adapt to compete, quite to be truthful they didn’t have too, they had essentially; a guaranteed monopoly. No-one could put anything in those boxes, and Americans got been conditioned to go look into the mail daily to see what was inside. Suddenly, “you’ve got mail” took by using a totally different so this means. 

Those were not the only two major visitors of innovation to concern the post office. The heir to the Greyhound fortune had just managed to graduate Harvard Business School with a brand new story idea; overnight package delivery by using a spoke and link system – yes, Sally Smith started Federal Exhibit, today known as FedEx. Now, you are starting to see just some of the actual USPS must deal with – besides the weather.

There was clearly an interesting article in the Ventura County Reporter on August 15, 2013 by Raymond Freeman titled; “RIP, USPS” which talked about the severe financial issues taking place today with the United States Postal office shooting. The article made a worrying comment;

“Could it be that FedEx and UPS contributions of $100 million to the Republican Get together had anything to do with the slow devastation of the Post Business office? Nah, couldn’t be. Avoid be cynical. inches

Not really then, I believe it is regrettable because it seems as if free-market enterprise is taking the heat for a government run and taxpayer supported monopoly absent bad – free-enterprise government authorities shouldn’t have to foyer their government to level the playing field. Seeing that exhibit one, Let me personally call in my key witness, namely Thomas DiLorenzo PhD economist and his work: “The Myth of Natural Monopolies” and you will view one of his classes at no cost online if you wish to look that up, really about 1-hour and a good education for you, within my view.

What can save the USPS now you ask? First, they need to stop counting on their monopoly and asking for money, which will only make them weaker and they need to innovate. I say they should start by lobbying themselves the right to use Google Independent cars and robotics to deliver the mail. Their very own costs would drop by 80% instantly, and then they’d be the team to beat, eventually however UAV package delivery will rule the day. You should consider all this and think on it.

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