Social Media Trends That Are Huge This Year


There was a time when television, newspapers and radio were the only varieties of advertising products and services. But social multimedia, which gave birth a decade ago have been huge in the very game and concept of global marketing as well sharing information. There exists a great deal of impressive data on popular websites such as Fb and other media systems for influencing sales and other modes of communication. So, it is not a wonder that many companies want to monetize on this integral part of internet traffic. Click here for Whatsapp dares

I want to look into some of the social media trends that are huge this 12 months. Here is a pair of the game changes that may happen in 2017 – 

1 ) Social Messages

Private social messaging has become the norm through the day and the best cases can be seen in the tribute directed at WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In recent times, the trendy population have taken to more consumption of messages programs than using the social networks. In 2017, we can see more similar software making a mark.

Yet , they will bear the brand name of large conglomerates or start-ups which will create groups of their own for popularizing goods.

2. Fake News

Nearly 20 billion people in the globe are tuned online at some point in their daily lives. To garner more likes and shares, there are people/companies/channels who spread fake reports and inaccurate information to enhance their popularity.

The incident which may not have been forgotten by visitors will be the 2016 Presidential election in US where inaccurate information about individuals were widely circulated on all media platforms. Just about every platform will take some harsh procedure for suppress this negative activity.

3. Augmented Reality

It absolutely was Snapchat who brought the idea of breath taking optimized reality to the community media thro’ its selfie lenses. The software of Pok? mon Go became very popular in 2016. Similarly, other platforms will also make headway to the same sphere in 2017.

4. Chatbots

Decided, chatbots are still in their early stages but this artificial intelligence tool can respond quickly to questions and comments of customers. Social networking websites are going all out to incorporate this tool in their platforms to prevent the customers going to a different website.


Only four developments are covered in this post, but experts estimate it will have the highest number of changes in the tools used in similar platforms. To get more social media updates and current trends, do not forget a subscription to our website.

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