Personal Loans – All You Wanted to Know

The primary features are:
It is an unsecured loan well suited for any purpose Like: credit card point tips

– Education
– Marriage
– Medical goal
– Order of Property or Possessions
РRepay old lending options 
– Investments
– Vacations
– Gifts… and so forth

It is inconvenience free. No guarantors or security /collateral required. Lending options to salaried & a sole proprietor. Special offers for Experts like Doctors, Chartered accountancy firm, Engineers, Architects, Company assistants, MBA’s etc. Loans can be found from Rs. 50, 000/- to Rs. 20 lakh. Repayment options from doze to 60 months in easy EMI’s. Loans available against surrogate income of any auto, personal or home loan.

Minimum documents & fast approval. What are the many types of personal loans available? Personal loans can be extensively divided into income centered and non income centered. Income based loans are given based on income every month/per year for salaried and independantly employed respectively. Low income based loans also know as surrogate lending options are given depending on repayment track records of existing personal loans, car lending options, home mortgages and Credit greeting cards from approved banks. Least instalments paid/Months on literature required is 9-12 several weeks.

The eligibility conditions for salaried and do it yourself employed are:

Candidate should be Indian individuals working and residing in Mumbai.
Minimum age required is 21 years and Maximum 58/60 years.
Least Work Experience-1 month in current company and 3 years overall.
Minimum Total Take Home – Rs. 20, 000/- each month.
Residence-either Owned, rented or company provided.
Telephone/mobile mandatory at residence.
Currently almost all of the banks are providing unprotected personal loans only to employees of Private Limited, Limited and multinational companies.

Applicant should be Indian Citizens Performing and residing in Mumbai.
Minimum age required is 23/25 years and Optimum 65 years.
Minimum 3 years experience in same business.
Minimum income Rs. installment payments on your 50 lakh per anum.
Residence/Office -either Owned, booked or company provided. Possibly residence or office should be self owned.
Telephone/mobile mandatory at residence and office.
Partnership businesses, Non-public Ltd. companies and considered Limited companies are entitled.


Different banks have different ways of calculating the eligibility. In the circumstance of Salaried generally almost all of the banks would estimate eligibility to be 1/1. 5 times of twelve-monthly income. Factors such as existing loan liabilities, average bank balance, background on existing loans, company account & loan tenure also plays a part in deciding eligibility.
In the case of Self Employed’s the eligibility would rely upon the turnover, existing trail record, net profit, cash credit /overdraft limit liked, line of business, cashflow, bank statement, existing loan liability between other things. Usually the loan amount is limited at one particular. 25 to 4x of cash profit made less existing liabilities or a certain percentage of proceeds less existing liabilities.


Loan tenure is the period within which the applicant wants to pay back the loan. Loans can be repaid from you year to 5 years. The rule of the thumb being longer the tenure higher would be the loan eligibility and vice versa. Age the applicant along with period of service left also influences the loan payoff time.


Service charges, loan processing charges, lender charges are various ways of describing the fees that this bank charges for processing and disbursing lending options. It truly is deducted directly from the loan amount and is generally restricted to 2% to 3 % of the money amount. It is an one time fee.



– Photograph.
– Baking pan card copy.
– Current residence proof.
– Earnings slips for three months.
– Bank statement for six months.
– Appointment page and proof of work experience.
– Sanction words of existing/closed loans.


– Photograph.
– Pan card copy.
– Residence and office address proof(Either residence or
– Office should be home owned).
– IT Earnings – CA certified replications for 2 years complete set.
– Business continuity/existence proof 3 years old.
– Business banking six months.
– All existing loan sanction letters.
– Qualification proof for pros.


One can apply for a cash advance any time in anticipation of a quick, hassle-free and unprotected finance for just about any purpose. The verification process at house and office is literally done within 2/3 days and nights on submission of all documents required. We have a coexisting credit check done to learn the credit history of the applicant in the bank applied as also other banks. If all the checks are positive the credit officer normally has whether telephonic or physical discussion with the applicant at his office/place of work.

Subject to the topic being positive the applicant has to sign an agreement and also hand over PDC’c(Post Dated Checks) or agreement for ECS(Electronic Clearing System). The applicant generally gets whether direct credit in his/her account or obtains a Draft within 2 to 3 business days after performing the agreement. The whole Process may take 5/7 working days.


Salaried individuals and Self employed individuals, Relationship firms, Pvt. Ltd. and Deemed Ltd. companies can apply.

What are the Income Criterias for Salaried?
A Salaried Individual needs to acquire Minimum NTH(Net Take on Home Salary) Of Rs. 20000/- pm.

What are the income standards for self employed?
Minimum Cash flow of Rs. 2. 5 to Rs. 3 lakh per annum is the accepted norm.

What is the minimum and maximum loan amount?
The lowest loan amount for salaried is Rs. 50, 000/- and maximum Rs. 12-15 lakhs. For Self utilized the minimum loan is Rs. 1 lakh and maximum 20 lakh.

For salaried the lowest age is 21 years and maximum 60 years.
For Self employed’s the Minimum age required is quarter of a century and maximum sixty five years.

Is a no income Proof loan available?
Yes, salaried individuals and self employed’s can apply on the basis of existing personal loan, car loan & mortgage loan paths on which minimum 9/12 EMI’s have been paid.

The minimum loan tenure is 1 season and maximum 5 years.

Is securities or guarantors required for a personal loan?
No security, hypothecation, guarantors or mortgages is required in a personal Loan.

Can a person staying on rent apply?
Yes, people staying either on owned, rented or company provided accommodation can apply. Permanent residence address proof may need in case of rented/leased, company provided accommodation.

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