Level 4 Gymnastics Bar Requirements

If a gymnast is performing their level 4 gymnastics club routine they will only use one bar, the low bar. A gymnast may use a pad or a spring panel to mount the tavern; this must be removed when the gymnast brackets. If the gymnastics cushion or spring board is not removed the gymnast will receive a discount from her gymnastics club routine score. Product Reviews


*Glide Swing- Must take off with two feet and land with two foot. Should have great body expansion. Hands must remain on the bar involving the float and pullover. 

*Pullover-Must take over with two foot. Do not jump, go, or step into the pullover. Guarantee the shoring is in a forward support with straight hands and a tight body.

*Front Hip Circle-Maintain a straight hollow body. Need to hook up a tiny cast while coming out of front side hip circle.

*Shoot Through (Single Leg Squat Through)-Leg /foot cannot contact or touch the bar when shooting through. Show a stride support at the end of the blast through (hands are definitely the only thing touching the bar).

*Mill Circle (Forward Step Circle)-Must show clear pace support at the starting and end (only thing touching the bar is your hands). Do not hook knee on the bar when doing this skill. Be sure to flip your hands in reverse before doing this gymnastics bar skill.

*Cut Back- Make sure you change your hands position before cutting back again. Keep arms straight and end in an prolonged front support when trimming back.

*Cast- Keep proper body alignment. Maintain a hollow, straight body from shoulders to toes.

*Back Hip Circle- Keep a straight hollow body position while maintaining hip/thigh contact on the bar the whole time. Must hook up the back hip circle and underswing dismount.

*Underswing Dismount-Once again, maintain a direct hollow body with in a straight line arms and a great body extension with trip. Stick your landing!

A gymnastics bar routine should not be choppy but should show connections and fluidity throughout the complete schedule. Each gymnastics bar skill should lead to the next without the breaks in rhythm.

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