Is Marijuana OK From A Spiritual Point Of View?

Simply no, it’s not.

Now yes and no that you didn’t want to hear that simple and definite answer. Nevertheless, this negative response is not only a vague bias. Generally there are specific negative results that marijuana has on your aura and on your soul, and this influences your spiritual development. You won’t generally learn about these insights, because the people talking about this topic, whether for or against, generally be short of the subtle energy level of sensitivity to describe what happens to your energy field when you put pot within your body. Tampa medical marijuana doctor

Of course, it is possible that you agree with these a conclusion about the inadvisability of smoking this substance, but it’s important to make clear exactly why marijuana is problems, because otherwise, the argument about it can get sidetracked. For example… 

One of the reasons often given for staying away from marijuana is the debate that it is illegitimate, — at least right now — and therefore, it must be a poor substance. There are historical causes of marijuana’s illegality, having mostly to do with the economics of hemp.

As is well known, hemp is an inexpensive replacement for paper, for oil, and for a number of other products. In other words, legal hemp would be an economical competitor in various industries. It really is for that reason that various large industries seek to demonize marijuana, so that public view will continue to believe marijuana and hemp must be retained illegal.

Yet another reason claimed by those who hold negative views about marijuana is that it is not as safe as alcohol. The religious problems with alcohol can be detected through delicate energy sensing, and there are unfortunate similarities between alcohol and marijuana, especially in how they both adversely affect the atmosphere and the soul. In spite of the evident distinctions in how people drinking and smoking act, the basic issue remains the same…

Marijuana and alcohol interfere with the connection between your body and the soul, and both substances, in their own way, make a dissociated condition that disrupts spiritual development and well-being.

There are various arguments that pot proponents make to support their choice, and they are all based after beliefs that seem, at first, to be suitable. However, the essential problem with marijuana is that it creates a divide between the body and the soul. This is something that could be detected with subtle sensing, and so those who have not developed this sensing capability will most likely entertain doubt about these assertions. I are not the sole energy-sensitive person who detects problems, and so I are going to describe them? nternet site sense them, and you will reach your own conclusions.

Marijuana proponents say that smokers usually be peaceful, in contrast to alcohol drinkers. Though this can be observed easily enough, it still does not validate the use of a substance that creates an energetically fragmented condition in the aura. We observe that the fragmented aura condition of pot smokers keeps them apparently peaceful, but at a price. The fuzzy feeling condition of smokers maintains them from fully sensing their emotions, and when you realize this, it shows another type of, and somewhat less happy explanation regarding their preferred emotional suppression method.

When folks have thoughts or thoughts that are troubling, they have a tendency to want to leave their body so that they won’t have to feel their pains. People wanting to not feel their feelings have some popular choices. That they can drink alcohol, they can eat sugar and junk food, they can space out in front side of the television set — which is recognized to induce a quasi-meditative alpha state — or they can smoking marijuana. All these choices create a fragmented energy field, in which the clearness of the aura is compromised.

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