How to Find the Best Driving Instructors and Schools in the UK

Understanding how to drive any vehicle whether that be a car, motorcycle, heavy goods vehicle or passenger vehicle, can be one of the most nervous and horrifying experience a person can move through. It can even be one of the very rewarding and delivering. Hence, it is essential for anyone who wishes to learn how to drive, that they find the best driving instructor or institution to suit their needs and supply the best value for money. Local Driving Instructors

This is where the confusion and problems begin.

There are approximately 25, 000 different driving instructors and universities within the UK, each one having their own advantages and disadvantages. This kind of article has been created to provide some basic guidelines and advice to potential learner drivers in the UK. It really is designed to help them choose a trainer that suits their specific requirements and provide some hints and tips to help these groups get the best value for their money by utilising discounts and special offers. 

Before we find out more about identifying the best trainers and schools, we first need to discuss different approaches a learner rider may take to successfully reaching their goal of obtaining a drivers license. These types of are:

Driving Instructors & Schools:

This is the most popular method for potential learner drivers as it allows students to learn at a tempo and budget which is comfortable for them. The learner driver selects an expert driving instructor or university and commences lessons at agreed dates and times. The learner driver then commences to learn all the skills and techniques on the set time frame which will allow them efficiently pass both driving examinations (theory and practical exams) and be a safe driver for life. This kind of is the ideal path to take if the spanish student driver wishes to learn at their own tempo and are not limited by time constraints and many others.

Intensive/Crash Courses:

An ‘intensive’ or ‘crash course’ as they are most commonly called is an substitute way to learning the skills and techniques required to pass the traveling exams. This is achieved by intensive tuition over a set length of times, usually 8 – twelve hours per day learning and practical experience, arranged on the time frame of between 7 – 12 days. This route is usually taken by student drivers who are in a big hurry to pass their traveling exams (maybe due to new employment requirements or other reasons).

Family & Friends Tuition:

Although not as popular these times as the above methods, learning to drive a vehicle can even be taught by family and friends. Even though this is the least stressful route of expenses as the learner drivers will take the company of men and women they know and trust (and might be taught for free), this is the least encouraged since it is very probable that the novice driver will get bad driving habits from family and friends.

Now that we have discussed the possible routes for a learner driver to take order to achieve their drivers license, it is a good idea to discuss those things a spanish student driver should successfully identify the best driving teacher or school for them. It is also advised to consider all the advice below into account before any money is presented with over to an trainer or school!


The first thing a student driver needs to rest assured of, is the professional qualifications which that teacher or school holds. The qualification to look away for is the ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) record provided by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) which is a green female badge and is viewed in the windscreen of the instructor’s vehicle. This is a good idea to check on with an trainer that they carry this green badge before any money is exchanged.

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