How to Choose a Custom Shower Base or Pan

Should you be looking to choose a custom shower base but have discovered for yourself overwhelmed with options you aren’t alone. Soil set pans, extruded or expanded polystyrene, solid surface Corian and cultured pebble are just some of a lot more common options. Figuring out the options in not the challenge – it’s finding the best option for you that can be tough. In this article you’re learn 7 steps to show you through this decision.

Step one – Determine your options – In the past the most frequently used custom griddle was a mortared dirt set (it would not require specialized materials and many tile setters were familiar with the method). However was a whole lot of understanding of this approach the failures with this system became all too common as well. Now systems like broadened and extruded polystyrene and solid surface bases are gaining popularity for his or her easiness of installation and permanent performance. 

Step 2 – Know how the place of your bathroom will impact your choice – if building your shed is located on the second floor with stairways that are difficult to maneuver it may actually be impossible to use a heavy solid surface or cultured marble product because of their weight (and the ability to fit the baking pan through the door might not exactly be possible). If access is difficult then the mortared and expanded/extruded polystyrene systems work best.

Step 3 – Identify how important a completely waterproof base is to you- Solid surface and expanded polystyrene bases are 100% waterproof and manufacturer made as one set up. In the matter of a concrete bottom it is hand made at the work site and it’s permanent success is totally dependent on the knowledge and skills of the homeowner or field installer (note: there is a heavy price to fund a failed installation – the complete base and fencing system will often need to be removed and there may be normal water damage in the underfloor and rooms below).

Stage 4 – Figure away your finances – It may be tempting to decide on the cheapest custom shower foundation (this is the soil set style) because in ways who’s going to find it anyway, but if the unit fails you have got big problems (see step 3). For excellent waterproofing at a good price a ready for tile expanded polystyrene or cultured marble selection may be best. Solid surface Corian is usually the most costly option.

Stage 5 – Determine if you are going to do it yourself or hire an expert – If you’d like to save money is to do it yourself is actually best to avoid work force,, labor force dependent and skill intense mortared bases (yes – they’re cheap – but if you do it wrong you’ll certainly be stuck with a seriously high repair bill). For DIY assignments consider bases that are premade in one section to your specifications like solid surface and broadened polystyrene units. If you hire an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor they should be skilled in setting up almost all of different types of bases.

Step 6 – Consider how you want to finish the floor- Ask if you’d like a good surface or floor tile floor. If you like the look and feel of tile the soil set and extruded/expanded facets will all work. If you value tile but hate binding material use a high performance urethane grout vs. the typical sanded grout. Urethane material grout is extremely tolerant to water, comes in premixed buckets, and will not require the preservation of needing to be resealed. The good thing about Corian and cultured marble angles is the base also is the finished floor.

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