Factors to Keep in Mind When Adopting a Yorkshire Terrier As a Small Dog Pet

The ever popular Yorkshire Abri is well known for its high energy and playful temperament. The Yorkshire Terrier is loyal, clever, besides making a great companion dog. This small dog dog or cat usually sports a shaggy coat that is dark and tan in color. Its v-shaped ears stand erect, though sometimes are slightly hanging over at the tips. https://123tinki.com/en-us/dog-names/big-white

The Yorkshire Terrier in most instances does not exceed eight pounds in weight and nine inches high. 

Astonishingly the Yorkshire Terrier garden storage sheds little to no curly hair, but daily grooming is necessary to keep a clean and healthy coating. The teeth should be cleaned regularly.

The Yorkshire Terrier requires a daily walk to satisfy it is instinctual need to move, plus plenty of exercise. A fenced in garden is suitable for this breed which will enjoy a good play in a large, safe area.

Just about all small dogs usually tend to develop “Small Dog Syndrome” therefore of a passive expert. The master should insist him or herself as the “pack leader” to avoid behavioral problems, such as separation anxiety, violence, excessive barking. The Yorkshire is inclined to sound off at strangers which will set a great watchdog. If raised with a clear “pack leader” the Yorkshire is very adoring and wonderful with children. This small dog family pet is also one of the easiest small pups to train. Studies have shown that it may understand a new command after just fifteen repetitions and definitely will abide by the first command 60 to 70 percent of the time or better.

With a life expectancy of 14 to fifteen years the Yorkshire may be at risk of the following health problems:

– tooth decay,
– bronchitis,
– spine problems,
– delicate digestion,
– birthing complications.

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