Commercial Property Service Charge Dispute – Top 10 Tips For Tenants

1) Check that each service charge invoice is granted according to the conditions of your lease. Your rent dictates when and how much you should pay.

2) As you get a service charge budget or reconciliation check it is released in accordance with your lease, check the services listed to ensure that all of the costs are legitimately recoverable from you. Accurate Sodding Section Measurements

3) When you receive a service fee reconciliation ask the homeowner for full details of expenditure and ask for further logic on specific items of concern. 

4) Converse with other tenants to establish their view on service fee costs and also the quality of service provided by contractors or suppliers instructed by the property owner or managing agent. Talk about techniques the landlord may be able to reduce costs while keeping essential services and put these views to the homeowner for consideration.

5) Get over in greater detail landlords repair plans before they commence to establish how much you are being asked to contribute. Also check whether replacement works are necessary or whether cheaper repair would suffice. Is a homeowner trying to recover the expense of improvements, additions or enhancements of course, if so are you obliged to pay your share towards these costs?

6) Look into the apportionment of costs, would your lease have a fixed percentage you should be paying, if not establish from your property owner the way they have arrived at your percentage share. Is usually your share reasonable?

7) Check the service demand rate per square feet, is this in range with other property that you occupy and similar properties?

8) Check that the services in this or reconciliation have, and actually, being provided and they are not over specified. Are costs being pushed through the service charge as you nearby the end of your rent?

9) Maintain an available dialogue with the owner or managing agent and attend tenants meetings to ensure that your concerns about services are being addressed and to make certain you are held informed of any variants from budget. These message boards are excellent for giving voice concerns about the quality of services and for making sure your landlord is regularly re-tendering contracts. It is also good practice to ensure that minutes of those meetings are recorded and kept

10) If unclear ask a specialist inspector or solicitor for advice.

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