Choosing an Abu Garcia Revo Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Baitcasting fishing reels come in many different shapes and sizes and the Abu Garcia Revo reels are no different. The Revo series of fishing reels by Abu Garcia are numerous but in this review We are focusing on just two different types the Revo Toro and the Revo Winch. Avet G2

The Revo series of reels gets their name from the revolution that they have started among anglers buying a high quality reel that performs well and has a great feel. Tauro baitcasting reels satisfy the needs and requirements of top anglers by offering a decreased profile reel that provides great feel and response in both saltwater and freshwater fishing. All of the Revo fishing reels are made from an industry leading anti-corrosive aluminium that helps to choose a reel last for years and years. You’ll love the increased fighting electricity that comes with these reels because of their oversized gear drives. The Abu Revo reels will never leave you battling for growing another seafood. 

Abu Garcia Revo Astado

The Abu Toro fishing reels are great for the fisherman wanting the skills of a baitcasting fly fishing reel without having to lose the spool lengths of the traditional Abu Garcia circle reel. Revo Toro fishing reels are available in two different sizes, the 55 and 60. The Revo Toro 50 holds two hundred yards of line and the Revo Toro 62 holds up to two hundred fifity yards. Featuring 7 ball bearings this reel is really as smooth as butter when reeling in baits and massive fish. The blend of the corrosion tolerant ball bearings and the brass gears make this reel extremely durable while still allowing for easy lubrication of gears. Abu Revo Toro’s work great on larger fish like muskie, walleye, and catfish because of a 22-pound maximum drag system that gives you up to twice the strength over other leading reel produces drag systems.

Abu Garcia Revo Winch

Abu’s Revo Winch is designed with the crankbait fisher in mind having its low acceleration gears which make reeling in more comfortable and fewer stressing. Featuring 11 Powerful Corrosion Resistant ball bearings giving you the enduring performance you’ve come to know and love from all of Abu Garcia’s reels. The Revo Cabestan like all the other Revo group of fishing reels are manufactured from the same corrosion resistant aluminum that allows your reel to last a lifetime. Functions equally well at both fresh and salt normal water so you can get this to your go to doing some fishing reel no matter where you plan on sport fishing. The Garcia Winch keeps up to 175 meters of 12 lbs monofilament fishing line so you can’t use running away of line otherwise you cop out to losing that big once-in-a-lifetime fish.

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