Benefits and Drawbacks of The Magento Community Edition

Magento platform has been implemented by more than a hundred and eighty 000 online retailers and ran on 11% of the best 10K sites in the Quantcast data (BuiltWith Trends, 2013). Magento One Step Checkout

Magento Community Edition (Magento CE) is the free version of Magento, which is known as a platform built on open-source technology and supplies online merchants with unparalleled overall flexibility and control over the style, content and efficiency with their e-commerce store. 

At the present time, Magento CE has recently been being considered to be one of the better free e-commerce programs. Thus, in this article, I want to give you an overview about the good qualities and cons of this platform.

Advantages of the Magento Community Edition

you. Open Source

Regardless of being a free program, Magento CE is open up source. It provides users possibility to freely modify the code to fit individuals’ needs, which brings ultimate overall flexibility to adopt your business. This is a huge advantage when compared with other web commerce platforms.

installment payments on your Wide range of functionalities

Magento is known for the number of functionalities it provides. Almost all of users consider choosing Magento CE for their e-store for that reason reason. Magento includes all the aspects any store owners may insist on (site design, products, obligations, shipping and more), so it is a good base to start out with. In addition, system is evolving constantly and many Magento layouts, themes as well as Magento extensions, plugins, and widgets available on the market.

It’s interesting how a script allows for operating several stores at one time from one operations panel. Another example of Magneto’s extraordinary capacities is the ability to set a template for specific product that will make this product to provide to a client differently than other products at the same time period.

3. Community

Magento has an increasing community of passionate and dedicated developers, users, and providers. So what do you gain from this? Make sure you note that Magento VOTRE is a free model, so the support from Magento’s technical team is quite limited. Users help the other person by sharing knowledge and experience on community forums, sites around the globe. Let’s image that the answers for common danger is easily accessible and help is accessible no matter how unique your requirements are.

Cons of the Magento Community Release

1. The use of PHP

A big drawback of Magento is the use of PHP. The Magento application can consume gigabytes of MEMORY during heavy processes, and PHP often cannot deal with the load, regardless of how much hardware is thrown at it.

2. Not for hobbyists

This kind of platform is quite organic so it is not the perfect solution is for a novice without technical skills. Actually a skilled developer will need quite the perfect time to learn Magento step by step before being certified. Magento is made as an enterprise Java application, but its codebase is written in PHP. Thus, if you are not familiar with Java or PHP Zend Construction, it takes months to learn and use this platform. In truth, finding a qualified Magento developer is not a fairly easy task.

3. Magento Community edition vs Magento Enterprise model

Presently there are some dissimilarities between the paid and the free editions of Magento: Marketing is the strong base in Magento Community design, however the design of Magento Enterprise focuses more on technical aspects than on marketing aspect. Besides, the support for code and additional plug-ins/modules will not likely be the same. First of all, the Enterprise edition comes with a warrantee and service level agreement, legal protection and all treatments to the code will be made first in it. Secondly, some useful additional features are only available in the Organization edition such as private sales, access to back-end and store credit functions.

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