Adding Fleet Washing Services to Your Mobile Detailing Business – Case Study

Many service companies are powered to help make the most amount of money per hour as it can be. If perhaps they run out of high-paying work then they either need to find more customers, expand their trading area or add new high-paying services. Not really long ago an Effective Mobile Detailing Company asked about adding Fleet Cleaning Services to his business in Washington State. rv detailing chula vista

Thus, I told him that I hope all is well in Washington Point out. I see you have an excellent detailing company there, congratulations. You have provided us the info below to introduce yourself and I actually suspect to get some industry information from all of us. Therefore, what questions do you have about the industry or information that you might like to learn to help your already successful company? 

For this point, I have always been mostly considering the Fast Washing. What chemicals are best to work with? How long should it take to power clean a vehicle such as a 24′ box vehicle, 48′ semi trailer and so forth? The reason I ask, is I noticed your prices are quite sensible. Let me make at least $50 an hour. So, at $15 a vehicle, that’s about a quarter-hour per vehicle. Simply wanted to verify that that is within reason.

The soap used should rely upon the issues you are interacting with on the specific fleet. A 24′ container truck should take 10 to 15 minutes, and a 48′ trailer about 10-12 minutes, add three minutes for reefers. If in a row 5 or even more take away 5 minutes each. 50 bucks. 00 per hour is terrible, if that is while you make money, then do not undertake it.

Based on this information, I’d make between $75 and $100 an hour…. which is probably more realistic, so which good!!
Indeed, this can work, although one must realize that cleaning fleets of trucks is not easy work and it takes a small amount of practice to get proficient at it. Additionally, it is a lot dirtier than merely detail high-end automobiles for prosperous clientele you see? Really, Lance.

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